GCSE Art and Photography at Bishopton Pru

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep”. Scott Adams

Impact of our offer

At Bishopton Art education is valued and promoted throughout school.

Our Art and Design education aims to develop students creativity through engaging schemes of work that seek to stretch and challenge them through a range of opportunities for experimentation of both skills, techniques and processes.

All KS3 students have access to quality art provision, with KS4 having the option to select Art or Photography as their GCSE option.


In KS3 all students have the opportunity to explore a wide range of medias and techniques through a variety of projects. The curriculum offers experiences through both 2D and 3D projects that are planned to cover a range of formal elements, key points of art history and essential progression of skills.


Building on the broad skills developed at KS3, students at KS4 begin their journey towards gaining their GCSE in Art and or Photography.

Again students will have the opportunity to explore further medias and ideas as well as begin to hone their individual style of work, alongside refining their skills tailoring and them to their interest.

Depending on student preference and aptitude, students are offered both courses.

This is achieved through either of the following pathways:

  1. A 1 year rolling programme, whereby a GCSE in achieved in Year 10 and then the other in Year 11
  2. A 2 year programme of study

Both qualifications require a portfolio of evidence and a final assignment.

Students will complete a body of course work, comprising 2 components that demonstrate a combination of technical skill and analytical understanding.

Students will then follow a brief from the exam board, producing a body of work on a chosen theme

The breakdown of requirements is as follows:

– 60% Component 1- consisting of 1 sustained project and a selection of further work.

– 40% Component 2- consisting of an externally set assignment and 10hr controlled assessment.

For further details regarding the specification of the qualification please see AQA.

Please find links below to the KS4 Long term planning for Art and Photography:

KS4 Long term plan Art and Photography

Art road map

Subject Lead

The Art and Photography lead at Bishopton is Miss Ally Tokat. If you require further information about this subject, please contact Bishopton on 01642 566369.