Operation CASTLE

At Bishopton we realise the importance of working in partnership with other organisations. In 2019 one of our members of staff, who also works in a volunteer capacity with Cleveland Police, devised a way in which Bishopton and the police could work together, to safeguard young people in the community.

Operation CASTLE, is a joint initiative between Cleveland Special Constabulary and Bishopton staff. Special constables are deployed with volunteer staff from Bishopton and tasked to patrolling hotspot areas, identified as suffering from incidents of youths committing anti-social behaviour.

The focus is always on engagement and education first, and the partnership workers from Bishopton provide an invaluable source of intelligence and more importantly, a friendly face. It is hoped that over time, relationships between the police and local youths will improve and they will see the police as a source of help not just an enforcement agency.