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Breakfast Club

Research studies show even when other social factors are taken into account, children’s academic performance increases after three or four months of ‘regular’ breakfasts. At Bishopton we believe that providing nourishment at the start of the day aids concentration, improves behaviour and attendance. Perhaps more importantly it provides opportunities for staff and pupils to engage in conversations in an informal setting and helps build those crucial relationships between pupils and staff, where children feel loved, valued and cared for. We feel that breakfast clubs:


  • Helps promote regular meal times and healthy eating
  • Increase children’s intake of fibre, vitamins and minerals
  • Increases attendance
  • Decrease lateness
  • Saves families time and money


All of our children and young people have the opportunity to eat breakfast at the start of the day, we provide a variety of nutritious breakfast options with milk, water or juice. Students who have 100% attendance over a week get to choose a bacon or sausage bun (other options available based on dietary requirements)

Throughout the year we also do special breakfasts to give pupils a taste of breakfasts from around the world or to celebrate events like Pancake Tuesday.

Please see the below link for our updated Ingredient and Allergen information sheet:

Magic Breakfast Core Product List

If you would like to discuss our Breakfast Club or have any suggestions as to how we can improve Breakfast Club please feel free to contact the school and ask for Miss Waller.

For more information regarding magic breakfast please see below link.

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