At Bishopton we feel communication is key to meeting the needs of all of our pupils, we therefore, as part of our offer carry out the following functions:


We hold regular meetings with parents/carers, please ring school if you would like time to speak to one of our staff. We are more than happy to make time to talk and would welcome the opportunity to talk with you and showcase your child’s work and the work of the school.

Phone calls

Staff ring parents/carers every Friday to update them on their child’s week. Staff also make calls, as and when needed, to discuss a range of things about your child. Please note that we make sure we ring to update about positives and achievements as much as we can.


The school Facebook page is a great way for us to communicate. Please search and follow us and you will see latest news, examples of outstanding pupil work, success stories, important updates and the odd inspirational quote for our whole school community.


The school Twitter page is a great way for us to communicate.  Please search and follow us.  Here you will see all the latest news, examples of our pupils outstanding work, success stories and important updates for our school community. 

text service

We know how busy our Bishopton community can be, so if we have important updates we will send you a text with the information. 


Where necessary we will send letters home to parents/carers. Please find all letters you should have received this month below:

Christmas Jumper and Lunch day Letter

End of Term letter 2021

Parents day invitation letter 13.12 .2021docx

StocktononTees- COVID-19 12-15 Year Old Vaccines Parents Letter

COVID letter school 29 11 21

Bishopton Parent letter Autumn 2

Remembrance Day letter 2021



Mental health letter September 2021

Revision club letter 9 9 21