Intent of our offer

At Bishopton our key stage 4 students will study AQA GCSE Citizenship specification with Miss Walsh. This course aims to motivate and educate our students to become thoughtful and active citizens who engage intelligently and enthusiastically with public life. Students will gain knowledge of democracy, government and law, and develop the ability to create sustained, well-balanced arguments.

In KS3 students have the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding about their role in their world and how to play a “full and active part in society”.

Students will learn about social and political issues, as well as the skills to debate with others and review evidence, using critical thinking skills to deuce between fact and option.

The GCSE follows three main themes throughout the two years.



In Citizenship, pupils focus on developing skills that will help them on their journey to become a well-rounded passionate human being. Pupils at KS3 are offered a lesson a week to develop key skills and a passion for becoming a well-rounded citizen. At KS4 pupils are offered 3 lessons a week, which cover the 4 main themes. With each theme pupils focus on learning skills and techniques that will benefit them when they leave school. Our Citizenship offer ties in with our Castle values, allowing students to show Creativity, Aspiration, Self-belief, Tolerance, Love and Enjoyment, whether in lesson or during our Castle SMSC days. This empowers our students by giving them a voice and sharing their opinions and beliefs. To be tolerant of others’ views and opinions, which then allows for skills to voice their own beliefs having impact.

Impact of our offer

Citizenship Studies prepares students to become active citizens of democracy. It allows students to apply their learning to real-life scenarios on both a local and global scale. There is opportunity for students to work individually to develop their own knowledge and encourages students to work with others and take part in group activities to bring about a change.

Please find links below to the KS4 Long term planning for Citizenship:

KS4 long term plan

Citizenship road map

Please see below overview of what your child will be learning in Citizenship during the Autumn term:

If you have any questions in regards to Citizenship GCSE or subject content, please contact Miss Walsh our Citizenship lead, 01642 566369.

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