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Information Technology


Computers and the Internet are integral aspects of modern life. We are surrounded by, and often reliant on, devices that have computing power at their core. From governments and multi-national businesses to local enterprises and individuals, we rely on computer networks and software to keep the global economy running. Studying computing will enable students to develop a range of knowledge and skills necessary for success in the modern world. 

Whilst not everyone will pursue a career as a programmer, most people will use a variety of software applications in their everyday lives. Learning how to use software correctly and adeptly to produce effective presentations, documents or spreadsheets to convey information is an important skill for many careers.

Understanding the development of computing, how computers and the Internet work, how to evaluate digital content and the ethical issues surrounding the use of computers help us to put the technology into context. Whatever technology we use, it is important they we know how to use it safely and respectfully so that we can make the most of opportunities in our future lives. 


During the course pupils will study:

Using ICT – recognising and using interface features, minimising the physical stresses of seating, lighting and hazards and how to keep passwords safe.

Finding and selecting information – from text messages, voicemail and on screen information.

Developing, presenting and communicating information – to identify and correct simple errors, to label and image and receive and open electronic messages.


Any IT qualifications provide pupils with excellent analytical and problem-solving skills. When it comes to potential careers, there are a plethora of opportunities because these skills are transferrable.   

Career options could include: 

  • Web designer 
  • Systems analyst 
  • Computer games developer 
  • User experience developer 
  • Working in digital technology (a rapidly expanding industry) 
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