Outdoor Education

Impact of our offer

At Bishopton, an outdoor curriculum has been developed to compliment the core educational curriculum offered on-site. We believe that exposure to a range of outdoor activities will help to support the development of the whole child; emotionally, physically and in turn academically. There are many important benefits of providing students with an outdoor curriculum.

The outdoor curriculum that has been carefully developed, is highly inclusive and fully supports the ethos of the school. Students that access this curriculum can achieve nationally recognised qualifications which can support them in later life.

Some of the exciting adrenaline packed activities that students will get a chance to experience include: power-boating, archery, kayaking, climbing, abseiling, archery, mountain biking and fishing. These fantastic new opportunities will encourage the development of key life skills such as tolerance, resilience, self-belief and aspiration.

We are proud to support the local communities as part of our outdoor curriculum by being actively involved in activities such as beach cleans, enterprise projects, improving the local area and positively engaging with our community.

By providing students with the academic opportunities alongside this outdoor curriculum we hope to achieve the following outcomes for our students: A healthy and happy body and mind, a sociable confident person, a self-directed and creative learner, an effective contributor and an active global citizen.

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, some of the activities and offers we had planned may not be able to take place until the guidance changes. As it stands, we hope to offer the following:


KS3: Key Stage 3 Students will be working towards SEAL qualifications.  SEAL – Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning – is an umbrella term that covers many of the skills children need to learn to have a healthy, happy and fulfilling life, now and in the future.  SEAL teaches children how to be effective, successful learners. Children learn to solve problems independently, and it can also improve school attendance and behavior. Socially, SEAL helps children to make and sustain friendships, deal with conflict, work and play cooperatively, compete fairly and with respect for others.


Year 10: Working in partnership with local businesses students will be given the opportunity to complete various work experience placements in a variety of setting such as Hospitality, Ground Maintenance, and catering Industry.  The primary purpose of this is for the students to gain confidence in a safe nurturing working environment.  This sets the foundation for their progression to Year 11 and future career paths.

Year 11: Students will be working towards an employability qualification.  The ASDAN Award in Employability is designed to help learners develop the skills needed to become successful employees.  The primary purpose of this qualification is to support them in overcoming barriers to entering work. It is primarily intended for young people who are not yet ready for employment but for whom a job is a realistic aim within a reasonable timescale.  To underpin this qualification learners will also undertake practical work experience placements.

As soon as the government guidance changes COPE will be back doing the adrenalin packed activities that students have been use to experiencing.

If you would like to discuss our outdoor education curriculum please contact us on 01642 566369.

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