KS3 Nurture group

Staff at Bishopton have recognised the need for an alternative approach at KS3. Students often arrive at Bishopton with gaps in their education and difficulties in forming positive relationships with staff and peers. The acknowledgement of that need has led to the development of a thematic curriculum for our Year 7 and 8 pupils with a nurture-focused approach. Subjects are often taught through intertwining topics or themes that allows the students to understand how each subject links with another. This approach supports SEMH and SEND needs, helping students to reengage with their education in a safe environment where being ambitious in their learning is rewarded.

Alongside the academic curriculum runs an intervention programme with our Mental Health Lead which allows the students to share their worries or concerns in a safe and respectful environment.

Additionally, students take part in our Outdoor Education programme where social skills and resilience are taught through a diverse curriculum that prizes the benefits of learning outside.


The curriculum is planned with coherency and ambition at the forefront to ensure pupils have the greatest chance of succeeding. Teaching is adapted so all pupils can access the required learning for their expected age and planning is sequenced, designed and developed with pupils learning and interests in mind. Throughout their time at Bishopton, pupils will aim to show a willingness to learn, a desire to meet high expectations and access the skills and knowledge required to be informed citizens in preparation for their future.


Learning within KS3 is taught through two groups with a dedicated team of highly trained staff; this allows for consistency and helps to build resilience and meaningful relationships. KS3 teachers use a variety of resources to engage pupils, understand the importance of live marking so misconceptions are immediately addressed and regularly invite members of the community in to support with teaching subjects and broaden pupil’s knowledge of the local area. KS3 staff work closely alongside both the KS4 staff at Bishopton and subject leads throughout the trust to ensure subject knowledge and pedagogical approaches remain strong and relevant. Children are formatively and summative assessed to ensure the quality of teaching is reflected in their recall.


Our curriculum is designed to demonstrate the importance of student performance, recognition of prior learning and the building of interpersonal skills, values and resilience. The knowledge and skills pupils gain through their time within KS3 at Bishopton support them in achieving their aspirations and interests. Students confidently demonstrate an ability to solve complex problems, ask insightful questions and demonstrate improved communication and conflict resolution skills.

KS3 Curriculum Overview Pyramid

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