KS3 Nurture

Staff at Bishopton have realised the need for a different curriculum at KS3. Student often arrive at Bishopton, with gaps in their education and difficulties in forming positive relationships with staff and peers.

Recognising that need, has led to the development of Nurture groups at Key Stage three following a thematic curriculum. Subjects are taught through an over-arching theme that allows the students to understand how each subject links with another. This method supports SEMH needs and helps students reengage with their learning in a safe environment where trying hard is rewarded and mistakes are allowed.

The curriculum is designed to be relevant, current and engaging and is taught within two groups through a dedicated team of highly trained staff. This allows for consistency and helps to build resilience and meaningful relationships with staff.

Key Stage for specialists work hand in hand with Key Stage three staff to share their knowledge and assist with developing the curriculum through training and moderation of work.

Alongside the academic curriculum runs a one to one intervention programme with our Mental Health Lead which allows the students space to share their worries and concerns in a safe environment.

Students also take part in our COPE programme of outdoor activity where social skills and resilience are taught through a diverse curriculum that prizes the benefits of learning outside.

Students also take part in our CASTLE in the community programme that allows students to become more aware of the impact they have on their local community and teaches them how to become good citizens.

Success so far has been measured through increased attendance, improving relationships with staff and recognition of good work from members of the local community.

KS3 Curriculum Overview Pyramid